5 Ways to Squeeze in Fitness Even If You are a Busy Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a great responsibility and one can get caught up with all the projects, meetings and what-not that can take up most of their time. Especially when you are still a startup, you can barely find the time to actually squeeze in fitness into your daily routine.

So, how can an entrepreneur stay fit in and still have a productive daily routine?

Here are 5 Ways to Squeeze in Fitness Even If You are a Busy Entrepreneur:

1. Include fitness in your priority list.

Firstly, you need to decide how important fitness is for your health. While there are many other important and urgent projects and meetings, you have to keep in mind that fitness should never be neglected as an entrepreneur. In fact, an entrepreneur can even be more productive if he or she is actually fit. So, if you haven’t added fitness in your priority list, now is the time to include exercise in your routine and start a fitness habit.

2. Wake up at least 30 minutes before your usual schedule.

One of the ways to squeeze in a fitness routine to your daily schedule is to wake up at least 30 minutes ahead of time before your usual schedule. This way, you can do a simple exercise routine before anything else. Not only will this help you incorporate fitness into your daily schedule, it will also help you become more productive and active for the day ahead.

3. Do some fitness routines during breaks.

Doing a fitness routine in the morning can be challenging for some entrepreneurs, and sometimes, late meetings and other projects cannot be disregarded and may take the morning spot in our daily schedule. There is, however, no need to worry about squeezing in fitness into your day. You can actually do a simple fitness routine during your lunch break or coffee break. There are many simple exercises one can do for a few minutes during the break that can help improve one’s fitness. All it takes is a little creativity so you can exercise during the day.

4. Incorporate fitness with other tasks.

If you feel like you’re really swamped and that it is impossible to squeeze in an exercise routine in your daily tasks, try incorporating it into something else. You could brainstorm while walking on the treadmill or listen to podcasts while doing exercises on a stationary bike. While there may be limits as to what task you can combine with exercise, there are sure a lot of ways to combine your fitness routine with some of your other tasks that don’t need too much focus.

5. Set a fitness meeting with a business partner

Too many meetings? Why not set a fitness meeting with a business partner? In the past, business meetings were limited to playing golf. Today, entrepreneurs have become more creative with walking meetings, and group exercise meetings to name a few. Fitness meetings not only promote good health but also encourages a good working relationship with your business partners. Just make sure the meeting is well planned so you can maximize achieving the agenda of the meeting whilst getting fit!

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