12 Inspiring Life Lessons from Nick Vujicic

What would you do if you knew for a fact that in life, you can do whatever you want and that there are no limits? You would probably do anything and everything, right? If you feel crippled and unable to do what you want, you should get to know Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic is an Australian-born international speaker and evangelist whose mission, together with his team at Life Without Limbs, is to cross boundaries and break down barriers, to build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ. He was born with a case of Phocomelia, which is a state of having no arms and legs.

Despite being born without limbs, Nick has become an international inspiration to millions of people he has touched. While he is very vocal about his faith, both Christians and non-Christians could actually get many takeaways by knowing about his life. Not only just a speaker and an evangelist, Nick is also a great role model to almost anyone who has been through life’s most difficult challenges and yet wants to achieve their biggest dreams.

Is there a way to really achieve what you want in life despite the most challenging circumstances? Can one be really happy in life? What can we do to achieve what we want and be happy achieving them?

Let us learn from Nick’s life through these inspiring life lessons. There are so much more we can take away from his life and his speeches, and here are 12 Inspiring Life Lessons from Nick Vujicic:

1. Understand and Accept that Life Has Challenges

Nick admits it wasn’t easy being born with his medical condition. He was not always happy and even contemplated ending his own life when he was younger. Just like many people, he was also once angry about his helpless condition and it was only when he learned to understand and accept his situation that he was able to turn around his attitude and be the positive person he is now. What is your life’s greatest challenge? Understand and learn to accept it because some situations we just need to live by. If the situation cannot be changed, it doesn’t mean it should cripple you. It just means you should accept it and take it with you through your journey.

2. You Define Your Ability

While Nick technically has been born without arms and legs, he did not let this “lack” define what he can or cannot do. Despite it, Nick is able to do what common people can. He swims, he drives, he surfs, and he has done almost anything and everything any person would just dream of. He knows and has done what he can do and not what he can’t. It is your choice to define your ability, and that’s what Nick believes in.

3. Dream Big Dreams

“If a man without arms and legs is dreaming big why can’t we, why can’t we all?”

Dreams keep us human. Dreams keep us hopeful. Dreams keep us going.

While there are so many reasons why we should dream on, many people quit on their dreams even before they create the dream. Nick isn’t one of them. He started his dream of having his own ministry and become a speaker when he delivered a talk at the age of 19 to 300 sophomore students. True to his dream, he has founded “Life Without Limbs” and traveling the world to deliver his message. It may seem like an easy dream as Nick has already achieved it but it wasn’t always that easy. He didn’t have any idea how, or why at that time, but he just knew in his heart that it is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. And so he did.

Dream big.

4. You Always Have A Choice

In life, we have so many choices. Every day we make choices, and with every choice we make there can be things or circumstances that can hold us back if we let them. Nick always says that he does have the choice to be angry at God for being in his situation, but he chooses to be grateful and happy despite it.

You always, always have a choice.

5. Take Action!

Nick is a man who advocates dreaming big, but he doesn’t stop at that. He encourages everyone to take action. We may be in circumstances that dictate us to just become victims and let life take hold of us, but we will never know what we can unless we act. We want change and wish for change but unless we act, there will never be any change. Take action today.

To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything!

6. Don’t Feel Too Comfortable

When we finally achieve some of what we want and are able to change our lives, we can easily succumb to comfort, and that shouldn’t be. There is always much more to do, and much more to achieve. Nick, being a Christian evangelist, always reminds in his speeches as well that there is more to this life and that we shouldn’t feel that we have overcome that in this life. There is more to life on this Earth and we all have a mission, and that we should never stop. Are you too comfortable? Don’t be satisfied. There is still much more work to do.

The biggest temptation I believe is to feel comfortable, to feel like you’ve worked through all of that here on Earth, and are satisfied with this life.

7. Overcome Hopelessness

We are all born with pain and difficulty in our life, and Nick admits that this is a fact of life. We are not born with hope in our hearts, and when we do have hope, people (and even our own selves) could take that away. Nick, being an inspirational speaker that he is, even says that there were many years that he didn’t have any hope. But all that is only a lie. We can let others kill the hope that we have. We can let our situation make us lose hope. We will never be satisfied with anything in life and we sometimes allow other people take away all the hope we have left. However, we can just take it one day at a time, and don’t let others (or yourself) dictate you of what you can’t do or what you don’t have. We don’t need to have it all figured out, but we can take each day as it is, and that’s how we can overcome hopelessness.

8. Be Healthy and Stay Healthy

Nick, despite his hectic schedule, makes an effort to keep himself healthy. He prioritizes prayer to help him manage his time and make good choices. He makes sure he eats healthful, balanced meals, hydrates himself, and sleep as much as he can to keep himself healthy.

9. Use Your Heart

Several times has Nick always said to his audience that he uses his heart to compensate for not having arms and legs. It is a life lesson that anyone can take away. When you are crippled with your lack, or with something you don’t have, always keep in mind that you have a heart you can use in everything. He said he used his heart to achieve his dreams. Use your heart.

10. Have Faith

Nick’s faith in God is something that he is never ashamed to talk about. Nick’s faith in God has helped him overcome and achieve everything he has today and is still the reason why he does what he does. What do you believe in? Your faith can make you do what you want to do in life and take you places you’ve never been.

I am not someone who says “just have a positive attitude,” or “just have a little faith,” because without God, those words are meaningless, and empty. My faith in God, and my personal relationship has given me the strength to go on, and the humility and grace to ask Him to change my life each day.

11. Share Your Faith

Nick’s mission is to share his purpose which is a purpose God calls him to do. He always mentions his faith in his speeches and never fails to acknowledge how God has become his stronghold. His faith is actually the reason he founded his ministry and he is committed to sharing that faith with as many people as he can. What is your stronghold? What keeps you going? Share it with others.

12. Inspire Others

To inspire others means to encourage and motivate others, and that’s what Nick does, not only in his speeches but also in his life. He is living a full life and has achieved his dream of not only having a ministry but a family of his own. Dreams he never thought was possible when he was younger but he has now achieved. He is living his life’s purpose and he is inspiring millions of people. But this doesn’t mean you can’t inspire others if you don’t have a ministry, be a miracle in the smallest way you can when you can’t find one.

It’s not about the outside, about what you have, or don’t have, or money, or how big of a home. It’s knowing there’s no point in holding your wife’s hand if you can’t hold her heart. It’s about providing a home not a house for your kids and being the best father and husband you can be. Learning from the past and moving forward.

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