5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling the World!

Traveling the world surely is one popular goal in most people’s’ bucket list.

Who wouldn’t want to see the world, right? However, many people are hesitant to dare and check this off their bucket list for lack of funds.

Is it still possible to reach this goal without breaking the bank?

Today’s new technologies have made it possible to work virtually anywhere, and you can even earn more than the common employee’s salary.

Are there really legit ways to earn money while traveling the world?

There sure are!

Here are 5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling:

1. Travel Blogging

One of the many ways to earn while traveling is by documenting your travels through a travel blog.

Now, it may not give you bucks immediately, but with a good amount of marketing and good write-ups (this is a must), you can even get to your next destination cost-free!

How It Works:

Create a blog and start writing articles about your travels and make sure to make great content with high definition images.

You can then apply for Google Adsense or other advertising platforms to monetize your online content.

You may also ask for sponsorship and postpaid ads on your travel website to earn money.

2. Freelancing online

As long as you can find a stable internet connection, you may work as an online freelancer.

You can work part-time and flexible hours or you can find a full-time role as a freelancer while traveling (Just make sure you are able to manage your time).

The roles and tasks are limitless and there are a lot of freelancing platforms where you could post your resume and get hired.

Some of the online freelancing jobs you can apply for can be as simple as admin tasks to as complex as building websites.

How It Works:

Register with any online freelancing platform and make sure to complete your profile.

Take some test for skills and apply for roles you think you can manage and wait for interview invitations.

You may be required to take further tests to prove your qualification for a certain role, but once you get hired, you’ll surely have a good source of income for a good period of time.

3. Teaching English as a Second Language

One of the easiest ways to learn English is to teach it as a second language which you can either do in an actual physical class or online.

You may register and apply as an English teacher for an online school or be an assistant teacher in an actual physical school.

This is a good way to earn and put your English skills to good use by sharing your knowledge of the language.

How It Works:

You may register and apply as an online teacher or you may do some research on when and where you could teach as an assistant teacher in a place where you would be traveling.

4. Work as an Au Pair

An au pair is a domestic assistant who works for a family for a short (or long) period of time.

You get to live in and work for a local host family where you would only need to do light chores and help taking care of the host family’s children.

What’s good about it is that you get paid a good amount while you get to live rent-free as well. Au pairing has become popular in many European countries and is becoming more popular in other countries like Australia, the US, and other Asian countries as well.

How It Works:

There are many websites where you could find an au pair family.

some of them even cover placements, visas and other important documents like contracts too.

5. Photography

There are many websites publications where you can sell your images.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to be one, you just need to take good images to sell.

How It Works:

Choose your best photos and try selling them online.

You may not earn a lot at the beginning, but practice will definitely make you a good photographer over time and earn really good bucks!

Are you still hesitant to travel because you don’t have the funds? Try any of these suggestions.

You may just find yourself ticking places off on your bucket list!

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