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Researchers says: Bald Men Look More Successful, Intelligent and Masculine

For years men turned to hair plugs and extensions, in order to mask their hair loss. But today things have changed drastically and men begin to have bald heads and feel very confident with their new look. According to science, bald men are seen by women as being as more powerful, handsome and intelligent than guys with hair. Somehow women are drawn more by men like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, who actually shine in Hollywood with their shaved heads.

 Bald men look more successful intelligent masculine — science

The research took place in 2012 at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. More specifically, the famous and also bald scientist Albert E. Mannes tried to find out how people react towards men with bald heads, by showing to his 59 subjects a series of pictures with men. The subjects saw various photos with men with hair and with men without hair. Guess what? Mannes concluded that people found men without hair more masculine, handsome and successful.

Why do Bald Men Look More Attractive?

According to tech entrepreneur Seth Godin, bald men are more confident. Of course, as he points out it’s not enough to just shave your head in order to look more dominant, but these men who shave their heads actually stand by what they have. Today there are a number of stars in Hollywood with shaved heads and they look more successful and masculine than men with hair. Baldness makes an instant statement about the guy, who seems to be more secure with his own personality, believe in himself and he is very confident about his looks. In fact, they don’t try to prove anything – they just depend on their own amazing character. This is probably why many women are drawn to these guys.

Women Consider Bald Men Wiser

According to another study, from the University of Saarland, the results showed that women often consider bald men to be wiser than the non-bald ones. This is mainly because bald men usually are older than men with hair. But bald spots don’t count; men who happen to have patterned baldness or some kind of bald spots on their heads actually look less attractive.

Bald Men are Also Intelligent

Bald men are also considered to be more intelligent, according to the study by the psychologist R. Henss. According to his study, bald men usually are older and therefore wiser and more brilliant. Even though scientists for many years believed that bald men were more sexually potent, but it doesn’t actually work this way.
Bald is Masculine & Attractive

So, if you happen to be bald, you need to rely on science and you don’t have to worry about it! After all, science never lies. You need to be confident. Just look all those celebrities who are bold. They are famous, they have managed to make money in their lives, many women are after them and they have brilliant careers. Therefore, you can conclude that baldly is masculine and attractive. If you think that you are losing your hair, don’t get depressed. Take it as a great opportunity to look more masculine as all those famous and attractive men. Just give it a try. It might actually work for you too.

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