Tips on How to Make the Most Our of Your Break from Business

So you finally find the time to take a break from your business, and it’s been awhile since you’ve been on one that you don’t know what it’s like anymore. Even the thought of your vacation gives you a cringe as you worry about the business that you will leave behind for a very short time. Well, this is just a sign that you really need to take a break!

For people who are a workaholic, taking a break is the last option. But hey, you deserve it! You need to take a break once in a while to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Now, the question is, how would one be able to enjoy a business break when all he knows is to work, work, work?

Well, here are a few tips to make the most out of your break from business:

Plan your vacation.

Just like planning your business, it is best to plan your vacation in order to get the most out of the few days that you will take some time off. Plan your itinerary ahead of time and list the things you want to do or the places you want to go to. You don’t need to be too much obsessed with the details but at least knowing what you want to do is a good start. Write out an awesome plan so you can do the things you know you will enjoy!

Resolved unfinished business or delegate it before you go on a holiday.

There’s no use going on vacation when something’s hanging over your head. If there is a critical work concern that needs to be settled, make sure to fix it first before you leave. Otherwise, delegate it to someone you trust. Your vacation will go smoothly when you do and you won’t have to bring your worries with you.

Assign a trusted go-to person.

Assign a trusted go-to person in your business. That person should be able to make small decisions for the business and be able to oversee the business while you are away. The go-to guy will also serve as the communication funnel as to what should and should not be relayed to you. You may give the details of your vacation and your personal contact to this person just in case there are any business emergencies that come up.

Inform your team and your clients about your plan ahead of time.

The people around you will most probably respect your time away when they know your plan ahead of time. Inform your staff and your client about your plan to take a short break and inform them of whom they should contact while you are away. Assure them that the business is still “business as usual” while you are away and that you only need a much-needed break for yourself. Not only will you enjoy your holiday more, but people will also know how the business will go while you are away.

Don’t do any work related stuff on your vacation.

Avoid doing any work related stuff on your vacation. You don’t have to feel guilty not being able to be there while your team is doing all the hard work. You are on a holiday for a reason and the reason is that you deserve it. It won’t do any harm to your business to take some time off, right? You’ve already put a person-in-charge and have resolved unfinished business before you left so you don’t need to worry that everything will go wrong.

If you can’t avoid it, make sure you limit your time in checking work related emails or doing work related stuff.

Okay, let’s face it, some people can’t resist working or not doing work-related stuff. That’s the reason why they got successful – because they live and breathe their business. So, why cut off their inspiration? If you are one of those people, set a time limit as to when you will do anything work related. Spare about half an hour at the end of the day to check on important emails or calling the person-in-charge. (Make sure you do it at the end of the day because if you don’t, you might end up working remotely!) If you need some peace of mind – that means if you just want to confirm if your business is still on business – spare a few minutes a day to have a little check, and make sure you follow your time limit!

Don’t restrict yourself of what you want to do.

So, you’ve always wanted to spend all day in the pool but you’ve never done it because you never have the time? Well, your vacation is the perfect opportunity to do it. Want to go dancing in a party? Want to eat your heart out and taste the most exotic cuisine? Go ahead. Nobody is stopping you. You are on a holiday to do whatever you want, and you should enjoy it.

Live in the moment.

The key to happiness is to live in the moment – and it’s the same too when you are on a business break. Enjoy every minute of your holiday and do not worry about anything. Don’t even think of what you need to do when you go back to work, or what is your next business plan. Just enjoy your vacation and enjoy each new experience you will gain.

Journal your vacation.

Your holiday will soon be over before you know it, don’t forget to document it and take as many memories as you can. (Just make sure you don’t overdo it by taking too many photos or selfies that you aren’t already enjoying the moment.) Contemplate on what your take away is from the holiday itself. Be as creative as can be in journaling your vacation. Journal the places you visited, the activities you did, the new people you met, and how you felt at the moment. This will serve as a reminder and something to look forward to when you get caught up with you work again.

Even the most hardworking person needs to have a break once in a while. Go ahead and go on a holiday. You will be glad you did. Make the most out of it.

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