Never Back Down

Life is not that easy. Each and every day you wake up in a different situation, things will come your way be it easy or hard. Challenges will always come knocking your way, obstacles will never stop dragging you down, disappointments will never stop and every negative thing you fear in life will never stop. It’s all that you hold in you will make you conquer.

As you plan your life there are things you should know that will drag or derail you from getting your goals. Goals are achieved not by word of mouth but by actions, so all you should check is your actions. And before you take an action, you have to decide, this means that you have to be aware of the decisions you make before you take that action.

Let’s first see what prevents us from achieving our goals. These include:


Procrastination is the obstacle to all the success in life. Procrastination is when you derail doing something today and keep using the word “I will….” Instead of getting out there and doing it right away. Don’t stop and think why you should do something, get up there and do it now. Get out there and prove your worth. That’s when you will know you got what it takes. Procrastination is the result of fear. A wrestler can’t just keep saying I will win this match, he got to get there up and put on a fight and that’s when he will win the war.


When you start to do something you should always know negative forces are there. You will hit rock bottom at times and this will kill your morale. You will fail in what you do. You will try as much as you can but you will end up failing. As they say, the true worth of someone is not from how many celebrations he has had or the success he or she has made but from the challenges he or she has overcome is what will determine a winner. People will tell you to give up but you should never give up on yourself.

With these, there are three things you should know as a way to success. These are:


Decisions are what determine a person. The decisions you make today is what determines what you will be in future, so never be afraid of making risky decisions that have the courage to make those difficult decisions.


You should know your power. Your power is what drives you to take up those risks and make you who you are.


When challenges knock your way, you should have this in mind, that you can’t stop and won’t stop to achieve your goals.

TIME is a commodity we do not have in life. So make a decision to do what you want to do right now.

Finally, you should know your “WHY???” You should ask yourself what is the PURPOSE of what you are doing at the moment. Will it make you grow? Is it focusing on your goal or purpose in life? This is when you make the right decision. If your “why” doesn’t make you cry, that’s not your “why”. Think about your opportunity, your passion, and your purpose and that’s when you will discover your “why”. The best time of your life is when you know why you were born.

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