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Give Up These 10 Things if You Want to Be Successful

Everybody wants to be successful and there are sure many ways to be a success. However, there are also many things we do that prevents us from becoming a sucessful person.

We could try hard and do everything to be successful and yet we aren’t able to meet our goal. At the end of the day, it is not what we don’t do but it is what we do that makes us unsuccessful.

If you find yourself doing any of these, then you might need to give them up so you can become a success.

1. Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

We may think living an unhealthy lifestyle isn’t harmless but it is one of the things that can make us
unsuccessful. How can we think and live well if we aren’t healthy? How can we reject the junk in our lives
if we take in junk? It maybe a very simple thing but this is the first step to become a person of success:
be healthy and live healthy.

2. Making Excuses

Sure it is easier to make an excuse than to take accountability for our actions. Often, we make excuses
in order to release ourselves of our failures and shortcomings. These failures and shortcomings are realities we cannot avoid but are part of our journey to success. Have you ever had a failure in life that
you feel is a hindrance to your success? Don’t make an excuse out of it but instead, take it as an essential part of your journey. Take accountability for it and use the lessons you learned from it. You’ll sure be wiser and closer to success.

3. Being Negative

What happens in our lives can be labelled as good or bad: but remember, these are just labels. In the end,
everything that happens to us has a purpose and will bring us to what we want to become: successful. If we
always label everything as bad or if we always focus on being negative, all our positive energies will get
drained and we may feel paralyzed and unable to take the next step to become successful. Stop being
negative, failures and disappointments are inevitable but we can use them to take us closer to the path of

4. Being Too Hard on Yourself

You don’t have to blame you for not being successful yet. While you should take accountability and find out the reason why you aren’t where you are yet, you must avoid being too hard on yourself. Taking responsibility for your actions is good, but punishing yourself for every disappointment is the worst thing you can do. If you think you have failed, pick yourself up and try to give yourself some credit. What’s important is that you are doing something to be successful.

5. Giving in to Immediate Pleasures

Most unsuccessful people think that people who are successful have all the pleasures in life, so they give
in to immediate pleasures in order to “feel successful”. What they don’t see are the challenges successful people have overcome in order to be a success, and enjoying the fruits of their labor is just the tip of the iceberg. Give up giving in to immediate pleasures. Being successful is more than just living a life of pleasure, it is living a life that gives up what you want now, to get want you really want more.

6. Wanting to Be Liked by Everyone

Being successful isn’t about everyone liking you. Truth is, being successful is actually doing what you like no matter what people may say or think. We cannot control how others feel about us and using our efforts for everyone to like you will only be a waste. Remember, even the most influential, the most popular, and the most successful people have “haters” too.

7. Being in Control of Everything

A successful person knows that he cannot control everything, however, he also does know that he can control his attitude about everything! When we are able to detach ourselves from things that we cannot control, it will be easier for us to focus on what we can do and focus on that.

8. Living in the Past

Our past can teach us a lot of things but to live in the past will only cripple us and leave us stuck in
something that we never wanted in the first place. If you want to move on and become successful, stop living in the past. Live in the present and just take the lessons of the past with you. Remember, your past should make you wiser and not weaker.

9. Toxic People

Have you ever experienced spending time with someone and at the end of the day, you just feel worse? Is there someone you know who drains the positivity out of you? Cut your ties with them. Sure it is not good to burn bridges but try to keep away from them. Jim Rohn said, who you are is the average of the five people you spend with. What do you want to become and who are spending time with the most? Look around you. You are whom spend time with. Avoid toxic people. Choose to be with people who can help you reach your dreams. Choose to be with people who will help you become a person of success.

10. Living Without a Purpose

Being successful isn’t equal to being busy. When we live our lives just to get by, when we live our lives just for the sake of doing something, we will never be successful. We need to have a purpose. We need to have vision. We need to define what success is for us and align everything we do to achieve it. Living with a purpose helps us identify how to get where we want to be. Living with a purpose helps us to take the necessary steps to become successful. What is your purpose?

Are you ready to be successful? Take time to assess yourself. What do you need to give up?

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