7 Steps to Establish an Entrepreneurial Mindset into Your Company Culture

A company’s culture serves as it’s DNA – it dictates how a company does its processes, systems, and services, and it can even determine a company’s future. An enterprise built on a solid company culture will definitely go a long way, and instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the company’s DNA can make it easier to fulfill the vision.

So, how do we instill an entrepreneurial mindset into a company’s culture?

Here are 7 Steps to Establish an Entrepreneurial Mindset into Your Company Culture:

1. Begin

Make it a decision to begin a culture of entrepreneurship into your company no matter what the company’s status is in business. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or you’ve been around for years, what’s important is to begin to adapt an entrepreneurial mindset and integrate it into the company’s values and find ways to promote it within the company. Ask yourself, “What change can I do today to begin instilling the entrepreneurial mindset into our company’s culture?”

2. Recruit

Now that you’ve recognized and started ways to instill the entrepreneurial mindset into the company culture, you must select and recruit people who also have the entrepreneurial mindset – people who have goals and have a sense of ownership. Hire people who are problem solvers and risk-takers. Remember, when you hire the right people, establishing an entrepreneurial mindset becomes much easier.

3. Train.

An entrepreneurial mindset values continuous improvement, and so to establish an entrepreneurial mindset, a company must also provide opportunities for their people to learn. Learning should never stop in a company that values an entrepreneurial mindset. Conduct workshops to stimulate their creative minds and you’ll see how far your company can go.

4. Recognize and appreciate

A company with an entrepreneurial mindset in its company culture promotes positivity and the best way to do that is by recognizing not only your team’s achievements but their efforts as well. While mistakes and failures cannot be avoided, we can choose to focus on the team’s strengths and appreciate what they do. When you recognize and appreciate, your organization will become more empowered and positive.

5. Motivate

Motivate your team. There are many ways to motivate them whatever and however the company is doing. You can motivate them with one on one coaching sessions, or you could give incentives when they go the extra mile. Motivated people are empowered people, and an empowered team can take the business where it needs to be.

6. Remind

A gentle reminder can go a long way when your team is caught up in a string of projects in order to achieve a goal. Remind them gently not only of the company’s vision, but also theirs, and how it is more important to achieve the goal instead of just being busy with activities and projects in order to be productive.

7. Never Quit

An enterprise will go through different phases in business and there will be times that it will be tempting to forget the value of an entrepreneurial mindset. It is in these circumstances that you should take advantage of the entrepreneurial mindset and use it to help the company be one step closer to its vision.

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