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5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Happiness is a measure of well-being

When one is happy, he or she is able to achieve his full potential.

And while money is a vehicle that helps us spend on what we think will make us happy, we should also consider what we will be spending on.

The excitement of acquiring something new makes almost everyone happy.

And with that, some people think that buying something new will make them happier because that thing is tangible and will be with them for a long time.

However, a recent research says otherwise.

Experiences – this is what can make us happier.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University says that one of the enemies of happiness is an adaptation.

When we buy something new, the feeling of happiness is there, but only for a short while – and that is because we have adapted to them.

You see, there’s more to what these experiences can offer.

Why should we invest in experiences rather than material things?

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things:

1. It’s hard to keep up with the Joneses.

You just bought a UHD TV – it’s cool and you feel like you are too!

You post it on social media and get a lot of likes as well – you feel happy, but only until you saw a friend post his new 4K TV on his wall- and he’s got double the number of likes than your UHD TV post!

As you can see, you will never be satisfied and this can even make you more unhappy.

You would have to chase the money to purchase the latest version every time because there will always be a newer version which is definitely more expensive.

Wouldn’t you just want to spend your money on experiences that won’t need to keep you chasing the money to buy something newer and more expensive?



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2. Happiness for material things wears out.

So you’ve bought the latest iPhone and you feel so happy!

Sorry, but this will only be for a while, though.

Just like how material things wear out, the happiness we get from material things also wear out.

It’s because we get to adapt to them.

Sooner or later, we would want something new, and end up unhappy again.

It’s a cycle. Experiences, on the other hand, never wear out.

The memories it gives us last a lifetime.

3. Experiences are exciting.

Having a new experience is always exciting, and that exciting feeling will last longer than acquiring a new material thing.

Do you remember your firsts?

Acquire a lot of first experiences – you will thank yourself for doing them.

4. Experiences are shared with others.

While material things give us self-satisfaction, experiences give us the satisfaction that can be shared.

Sure your Gucci shoes make you feel like you’re royalty, but walking on China’s glass walkway with a friend will make the both of you feel invincible.

When a great feeling is shared, it is multiplied.

5. Experiences give us a sense of gratitude.

No matter what your experience is, it will always give you a sense of gratitude.

Every experience teaches us something new no matter what the outcome of that experience is.

Attempting to learn a new skill for one makes us feel like we are one skill better.

Being able to go to a new place makes us grateful because we’ve experienced something new in a new environment.

Cultivating a sense of gratitude is good for us and our well-being, and this will make you feel better about life.

What is that something new that you want to experience?

Is it to travel to a new place?

Is it to try that exotic food you read in books? Or is it to learn a new skill?

Spend your money on them, they are worth much more than any investment on any material thing.

Do it for yourself, do it for your well being.

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