3 Daily Habits of Very Successful People


Everyone wants to chase success, and I’m sure you do too that’s why you are reading this. Success, however, is something that isn’t just a thing we work hard for. It is not a one-time thing that ends when you reach your goal. Success is a habit, and to be really very successful we all need to be consistent and persistent in what we want to achieve.

In this article, you will learn what very successful people do everyday. John Addison, the Leadership Editor of Success, shares the 3 key habits very successful people do everyday.

1. Winners get up early.

This is what sets the very successful people apart from the rest. While working flexible schedules is the growing trend globally, most CEOs are already up while the others are still snoozing. They wake up early and get up early to conquer the day. Very successful people usually get up at about 5 or 6 a.m., and use the next couple of hours to focus and prepare for the day ahead. Some of them prepare for the day by exercising, meditating or by catching up on important current events that are related to business or anything that could help them become more productive. They
do these daily so they achieve more than the next person.

The adage, “the early bird gets the worm” is there for a reason. It’s the people who seize the opportunities first and earlier than most that are able to actually achieve their goals. It takes a lot of effort to chase success and working the extra mile increases your chances to conquer it. Addison says, “It’s not going to wait around for you.”

2. Winners set goals and hit them.

Long-term goals are important but we also need to do something today to achieve them. Each day is important and we need to maximize it to get the results we need. However, we need to keep in mind is that we should be productive instead of just being busy. Each action we take should lead us closer to our goal and not just do things for the sake of being busy. Focus on what’s important and work on them.

Prepare your day ahead early in the morning (or at night before you go to bed) and set goals you want to achieve. Prioritize what’s important and make it a daily habit to set your goals.

3. Winners focus, focus, FOCUS.

Setting goals is easier said than done. And although you have the best goals than anyone, if you don’t focus – you won’t be successful. There are many distractions and they can easily derail you from what’s important now, but winners have that ability to focus on what they need to do even if others aren’t. It’s a discipline that gets them to where they want to be – and this is how they get results.
It can be very challenging though as it is not easy to develop self-discipline, but it will surely eventually pay off in the end.

Success is actually routinary. Addison even says that winning and success is “quite often boring”. It’s actually developing the right habits and doing the same successful thing over and over again that makes a person very successful.

“Establishing repetitive habits that lead to effective performance is the key to winning results—and results are what matters.”
– John Addison

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