Your Projects. You Just Have to Do It

You have to be able to take action in your life without being bumped around like a victim… It helps to recognize that being a self-starter is a set of behaviors that you can adopt.

This is a quote from productivity consultant David Allen that’s mentioned in The Wall Street article “You Just Have to Do It.” It briefly talks about how to accomplish the changes, the new projects, and everything you want to start in your life when all you have in you is your passion.

It’s a great read for someone who’s into a career change or a total life makeover. If you’re tired of making all those New Year resolutions and not being able to accomplish any one of them every year, this will give you a good push.

Anyone, in fact, who’d like to make an improvement in his life, no matter how big or small, can find some inspiration in this short piece. You Just Have to Do It.

Read the whole Article here.

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