Put Away Your Smartphones with These Tips If You Want to Maximize Your Brain Function

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend on our mobile phones compared with the tasks we need to accomplish? Even a few minutes spent on just looking at your phone can take away the time that should be spent on what we should be doing. Moreover, even the thought of having a smartphone near you can actually take away your focus in a given task.

Is your phone always at arm’s reach? It may seem harmless, but it can decrease your brain function according to a recent study.

While smartphones are a useful and convenient source of information, it can veer us away from doing the most important things.

In the said study, the participants were grouped into three: the first group had their phones close to them but were face down, the second one kept their phones in their pockets or bags, and the third group had their phones in another room.

The three groups then underwent a series of cognitive tests that needed full attention. Afterward, they were then asked how much their phones affected how they performed for the test.

It was then found out by the researchers that the group who had their phones furthest scored better than the other groups. However, all of the groups were actually thinking of their phones the same amount.

Want to boost your brain function? It is best to keep your phone away. But how do you do that?

Here are 7 Simple Tips To Detach Yourself from Your Phone:

1. Decide on a schedule on how many hours you are only allowed to use your phone and for what purpose.

Plan on how, when, and how much to use your phone. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Determine how many hours you use your phone on a daily basis and try to reduce the number of hours you use it. Next, determine for what purpose your phone should be used. Should you only use it for calls? Should you use it for checking email? Set a time limit and determine the best use of your phone without spending a lot of time on it without purpose.

2. Disable the apps that mostly distract you.

There are thousands of apps out there and you’ve probably downloaded a handful of them as well. But are they really essential or do they just cause you distraction? Will use those apps make you more productive? While there are many apps that are useful, some of them can take your precious time and be using them can spiral you to unlimited hours of usage of your mobile phone.

3. Don’t use your phone as an alarm.

Using your phone as an alarm will trigger you to check notifications and use apps even before your actual day starts! Try to be a little old-fashioned and use a conventional alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. This will help you reduce screen time dramaticallY!

4. Turn off notifications.

Phone notifications are one of the biggest daily distractions. Checking notifications may only take a few minutes of our time, but when accumulated can add up to a couple of hours or more. Set your work notifications for only a few hours. Turn them off to save your precious time.

5. Reward yourself when you are able to reduce screen time.

Were you able to reduce your mobile device usage? Reward yourself then! (but make sure the reward isn’t more phone time, of course). Treat yourself a little something like a day in the spa, or your favorite meal. You will then appreciate less phone time.

6. Find other ways to “waste” idle time.

A mobile phone is a perfect way to use up all your idle time. Are you bored? Find other ways to use your time. Find a hobby, take on a sport, exercise, read a book, there are a more than a million ways not to get bored. For all you know, this may even help you discover a hidden passion.

7. Use social media to a limit.

According to Global Web Index, 30% of mobile time is used for social media. So that means, reducing time spent on social media is reducing a lot of your mobile phone time. Use social media to a limit and you’ll see how more productive you can be.

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