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Happiness Is A Choice (Part 2)

The Benefits Of Smiling And Showing Gratitude

If you wish to choose happiness over melancholy and sadness, then you have to practice quite a few simple things. Research has shown that those who have a regular habit of smiling often end up cultivating positive thoughts. This leads to better mood and such person also tend to be less withdrawn. The smile however, must be genuine because fake smiling could lead to worsening of moods.

Being thankful and cultivating a practice of gratitude can go a long way in making a person to become happier than others around him or her. This is not a practice but has been researched and found out to be very effective. People who practice gratitude are particular about small pleasure which when practiced regularly could go a long way in making them happy. So this certainly is a choice which one can make in their quest to remain happy at all points of time.

Be Compassionate And Considerate

If you wish to make happiness as a choice you also should also understand the importance of practicing compassion and learn to be considerate with people. This will help a lot in making people around you happy. When this happens you as a person will also be happy and there will be happiness all around. This again is a matter of choice and you bring it upon yourself to practice compassion and kindness. This is another classic example where being happy is a state of mind and you’re being able to take control of that state.

Why People Remain Unhappy?

After going through all the above points one thing is clear. Being happy is not at all difficult. Rather it is the other way around. It takes lot of effort and trouble to be withdrawn, unhappy, boorish and snobbish. Being yourself and letting good thoughts occupy your mind is all that it takes to remain happy and only when we complicate things do we tend to become unhappy and spread the malaise all around. Practicing the above attributes is too small a price to pay because it will go a long way in making this world a better place. Happiness cannot be measured against money, wealth, relationships and other such things. Basically, it is a state of mind and we need to tutor our mind to ensure that it remains programmed for happiness at all points of time.


The best thing is that being happy does not require too much of effort or training. Doing simple things on a daily basis and most importantly being positive is all that it takes to master the art of being happy. There are no complications involved in it.

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