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Happiness Is A Choice (Part 1)

Happiness is perhaps the most elusive thing for many of us. What exactly is happiness? It basically is a state of mind and a person who is happy and contended could be positive in his or her approach to life. The state of being happy is again relative. For many being happy may be about money, wealth and luxury while for others it could be about relationships, helping others and being content with what life has given to them. So what exactly is happiness all about? Let us try and find answers for the same.

Being Happy Or Unhappy Is A Choice

It would be difficult to straitjacket happiness in a specific format and gauge a person by that yardstick. According to some theories in psychology, most of us have a limit after which we seemingly have reached the optimal level of happiness. We try and remain within this point. When we see something positive happening we reach that point and come back to a state of equilibrium when something negative or unwarranted happens. However, what we need to understand is that the point which we have set for ourselves is not static or frozen in time. It is possible to reset the same. People who are able to do such resetting are the ones who will be able to be happy at all points of time. It is all about changing attitudes and by doing so you can make happiness as a matter of choice rather than trying to run after it. However, making happiness as a choice is not easy and there are some proven tips and suggestions that one should take into account. Let us have a look at a few of them which we hope will go a long way in making a person happier that what he or she is today.

The Main Goal Should be To Remain Happy

One cannot reach happiness just be having a negative mindset and worrying too much about life as a whole. Unless you make being happy at all points of time as the number one priority, you will never reach the right level of happiness. The onus lies on you to find out ways and means by which you can be happy at all points of time. It might call for reprogramming the value and belief systems because they form the core around which happiness is built. Being happy is also about learning better interpersonal skills, improvement self-management methods and also sharpening various skills which could help in career management. Further, the group in which you are in matters a lot and increases the chances of being a happier person.

Look For Those Small Little Positive Moments

While we all might be looking at ways and means to be happy, we need to understand that our brains are programmed to be on the lookout for all that is negative, bad and sad. Over a person’s life span our brain absorbs negative things like sponge and therefore when one talks about happiness it often looks an alien subject. Hence whenever there is something bad or negative or brain reacts intensely. It is the not the same when the brain comes across positive or happy news. Hence if we to remain happy, the onus lies on us to counter the negative bias as forcefully as we can. Our objective and effort should be to stay away from negativity and sadness and be around with positive people and be associated in a positive environment.

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