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10 Habits That Cultivate Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can drastically change your life for the better. While the promises of positive thinking can give
you great results, it can be, however, challenging to have a positive mind.

For people who already have a negative mind, developing a positive attitude will not happen overnight. It may take a while to change one’s mindset, but once you’ve developed these habits, adapting to a positive mindset will become natural.

Here’s what you can do to develop a positive mindset

1. Learn as much about positive thinking.

Our thoughts can dictate our actions and therefore, shape our lives. Ditch the current news and read personal development books that talk about positive thinking. You will suddenly realize that your mindset is gradually changing and that you have adapted to a positive lifestyle. Give your mind the power to think positively and do that by feeding your mind on anything about positive thinking.

2. Don’t mind what people say if they are seeing the change in you.

So you’ve made a decision to be positive and you’ve taken steps to act on it, easy right? Maybe not. People who are close to you may notice the change and you will not always be affirmed. Sometimes, the people around you may even pull you down and tell you that they are not liking the change they see. Ignore them. Remember, you don’t owe any explanation as to why you suddenly changed and focus on how far you’ve come.

3. Declare positivity.

Whatever we say is a declaration of what we want to happen. When we declare positivity, we sure know what to expect – a positive mind and a positive life. Choose to say only what’s positive and start cultivate a mind that thinks positively.

4. Smile.

Smiling has a lot of benefits and one of them is that it helps you think positively. It actually rewires your brain and helps train our brains to think only positive thoughts.

5.Be aware of what thoughts enter your mind.

Andrew Matthews compares negative thoughts to a drone of rats. When you allow one to enter your mind, the rest will follow. So, be careful what thoughts you allow your mind to think. It may be challenging at first to ignore those negative thoughts, but once you get used to them, you’ll see you have trained your mind to think positively.

6. Never surrender to negative thoughts.

It’s easy to raise the white flag to negativity when circumstances are dictating you to. However, remember that while we cannot control the circumstances in life, we have full control of how we perceive these circumstances. Stay positive even if the situation calls for us to surrender to negative thoughts. It’s the best thing you can do to overcome negativity.

7. Visualize positivity.

Visualize living positively. Look at your life with hope and positivity that everything will turn out just fine because they will. Once you start to visualize positivity, your mindset will change and you will be thinking positively.

8. Don’t label things and circumstances as “good” or “bad”.

Everything happens for a reason and the reason is always for the good. However, when we label them as good or bad, we become inclined to think negatively or spoil our present situation by comparing it to what was. Stop making labels. Keep in mind that when something happens, it’s always for a good reason. You may not find that reason now, but you eventually you will, and it’s always, always, for the good.

9. Affirm and re-affirm.

Start making affirmation and re-affirmation a habit. Affirm yourself for your little successes, affirm others to encourage them. There is power in affirmation and it can make only make us think positive.

10. Be with people who have a positive mindset.

Once you’ve followed these recommendations on how to develop a positive mindset, seek friends who also have a positive one. It will be easier to find them as you will attract who you are. Don’t feel apologetic when you think you need to leave the toxic people in your life in order to be with people with a positive mindset. You’ll notice that positivity will become a lifestyle.

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